We Provide Digital Courier Services
for Data Exchange

Marlin Enables
“Supply chains that run seamless across all participants”
Marlin Enables
“Data sharing fully secure and reliable”
Marlin Enables
"Data exchange regardless of which system, tool, application is being used"
Marlin Enables
"A connected world in which everyone exchanges selective data packets with each other"

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Marlin is the digital innovator who stimulates and facilitates organizations to improve collaboration in (and between) their business ecosystems.

Marlin realizes a connected world in which everyone exchanges selective data packets with each other in a safe and reliable way to achieve a common goal, regardless of which system, tool, application is used.

With the introduction of the Marlin DataMarketplace, we make business ecosystems immediately operational and applicable within various sectors.


We envision a world where Supply Chain Chains are working seamlessly;

Where all parties are connected to selectively exchange information in a safe and reliable way, in order to optimize the end-to-end value chain for all involved. This irrespective of the number of parties, data sources or systems involved.


Marlin delivers a managed ecosystem, a data marketplace to optimize end-to-end Supply Chains across multiple parties and systems.

A digital collaboration platform being able;

  • to selectively exchange information to optimize of Enterprise to Enterprise Supply Chain processes

  • to securely and reliably share data with relevant parties in a trusted system based on a watertight identify and authorization

  • A digital post office; trusted secure exchange of data between the two parties based on Blockchain functionality (simple, standardized, smart contracts)

Our USP's

  • Data sovereignty and trust, clear ownership control

  • Data content only seen by sender and receiver

  • No data lake !

  • Data marketplace only, NO data functional service provider

  • Plug & play, ease and flexibility to connect

  • One access point, link with systems & service providers, limiting APIs

  • Authentication through strict identity control


  • Independent orchestration

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