The Data Marketplace to support secure data exchange

Marlin and Nokia together provide a decentralized, blockchain-powered data marketplace for secure, automated exchange of digital assets (data streams, datasets, algorithms, any endpoint API).The Data Marketplace unique features for the exchange of data can be used to orchestrate and stream any data from any source. It enables integration of 3rd party solutions through the same Data Marketplace.

Entering the new era of Identity and Access Management

As the Marlin Data Marketplace is connected to everything in the business ecosystem the need for trustworthy identities is eminent. Not only for humans, but all devices and objects. Itsme® has a clear view and solutions on digital identities. With their knowledge, technology and execution power itsme® can help Marlin to meet international standards on security, KYC and CDD. Together with itsme®, is Marlin a pro-service and anti-fraud leader in the digital age.

Industrial Data Space for easy and scalable data sharing in Logistics

Marlin has joined the TNO-TKI Dynalog program DASLOGIS – Demonstration and valorization of a Dutch data space for LOGIStics. The reference architecture of International Data Spaces (IDS) offers the possibility to make the sharing of data in the logistics sector a lot easier and more scalable. DASLOGIS is intended to link up with the international activities that are being set up in the IDS community, so that technologies and standards can be made unambiguously applicable.